Oakham Shops ~ Businesses & Info ~ A to Z

Choose from the Listings as they appear, we are working hard to bring you the best and most up to date information in & around the Oakham area. Please note that we have also listed important contacts such as Doctors, Churches etc. within this list for easy searching of all services. If you don’t see what you are looking for below please try a quick search in the “Search The Oakham High Street” box above

A: Accountants, Antiques, Animal Feed Stuffs, Auction Houses, Archery Tuition,

B: Butchers, Bakers, Booksellers, Banks & Building Societies, Beauty Salons, Barbers, Buildings Estimators,

C: Chemists, Churches, Currency Exchange Services, Chartered Surveyors, Children’s Clothing,, Coffee Shops, Childcare, Charity Shops, Car Hire, Cycle Hire & Repair, Car Washes, Car Repairs & Mechanics, Courier Services,

D: Doctors, Dentists, Dating, Dry Stone Walls, Department Stores, Dry Cleaners, Driving Schools, Dog Sitting & Walking, Disabled Equipment, Dancing Lessons,

E: Estate Agents, Electricians, Equity Release, Ear Piercing, Equipment & Tool Hire, Equine Therapy,

F: Furniture Stores, Funeral Directors, Financial Advisers, Florists, Factory Outlets, Fishing Tackle, Fish Mongers,

G: Garden Centres, Gardeners & Garden Designers, Game Dealers, Gift Shops, Grocers, Garage Doors, Garden Machinery Repairs,

H: Hairdressers, Hospitals, Health Shops, Hedge Laying,

I: Information Bureau, Insurance Brokers, Iron Mongers,

J: Jewelers, Junk Shops,

K: Key Cutting, Kitchens & Bathrooms, Kindergartens,

L: Ladies Fashion, Letting Agents, Leather Goods,

M: Menswear, Mobile Phones, Mobile Hairstylists, Massage Therapy, Music Shops, Mobility Aids, MOT Testing, Music Lessons, Motorcycle Tours (Worldwide),

N: News Agents,

O: Opticians, Osteopaths, Outdoors Shops, Osteopaths, Overseas Property,

P: Pet Supplies & Foods, Printers, Pubs & Bars, Petrol Stations, Photographers, Pizza,

Q: Qualified Professionals, Quantity Surveyors,

R: Restaurants, Removals & Storage,

S: Solicitors, Showground, Shoe Shops & Repairs, Spa & Beauty Treatments, Sun Beds, Sports Shops, Seamstress, Storage facilities,  Stationary Supplies, Sandwich Shops, Supermarkets, Secondhand Shops, Secretarial Services, Singles Events,

T: Take-away food, Tanning, TV & Electronics, Travel Money, Travel Agents, Tea Shops, Tattoo Shop, Toy Shops, Taxis,

U: Upholstery, Uniform Shops

V: Vets, Van Hire,

W: Wakes, Wine & Spirits, Watch repairs, Website Services, Windscreen Replacement, Willow Sculptures,

X: X-Rays,

Y: Yarn Wool & Knitting,

Z: Zen Supplies, Zzz – Bed Specialists, Zips & Haberdashery

If you don’t see your service category mentioned here let us know and we will add it for you

Oakham High Street