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KYS Security are your local experts in all Domestic and Commercial Security Systems including:

Intruder Alarms


This style of system is a fully accredited, graded system that has no form of communication. Should the system activate it will have an electronic sounder inside and outside of the property to make a loud sound. It will also have strobe lighting externally to draw attention.


This is the latest technology; this system is the same as the audible only system but with the addition of a mobile APP. The APP allows you to control your system from your phone / tablet. Upon an activation the system will also send you push notifications of the events in real time to alert you.


There are two sides to the monitored alarm, key holder response only or full police response. Upon an activation a digitally encrypted signal is sent to our monitoring station, where your system is monitored 24hrs a day, 365 days a year. The monitoring station operatives will then inform key holders to advise them of the activation or (if connected) call the police directly upon on a confirmed alarm signal.

Access Control Systems


Access control is no longer just for big business. It can be used for all different kinds of applications including:
People tracking and locating Clocking in & out Residential access

CCTV Systems

CCTV has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years, both in technology and cost. This has made CCTV more commonplace now and is one of the leading ways to deter intruders, prevent anti-social behaviour and safeguarding employees / visitors.

Statistics show properties with CCTV are 90%! Less likely to be targeted – thieves do not like to be seen. If you would like to discuss a CCTV installation in Stamford, contact  KYS Security Ltd today.

Fire Alarms

Fire alarm systems are crucial for life saving and early detection / warning should the worst happen, fire alarms are not only life saving but are required by law for all properties that have public access.

KYS Security Ltd can advise on a suitable system to suit all applications, we can also install monitoring into fire alarms to allow key holders or the fire brigade to be called should the need arise.

Automated Access

Here at KYS Security Ltd in Stamford, we can supply various options for automated access including gates, barriers and rising bollards.

Systems can be complete design, supply and install or some can be retrofitted to your current system. Automated access systems can also be configured to work as stand alone or fully integrated with alarm systems, intercoms, access control systems, CCTV etc.

Bespoke Solutions

At KYS Security Ltd, we pride ourselves on being able to offer bespoke security systems tailored to your needs.

We can design and install a full bespoke security system for your own personal security requirements. This can include things like:

CCTV Cameras opening gates / barriers for authorised visitors

Intruder alarms signalling to CCTV cameras to track the intruder

Alarms controlling lighting

The possibilities are endless and ever evolving as technology progresses.

KYS Security Ltd for all of your Domestic & Commercial Security requirements, contact us today

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