Rutland “Stuff” For Sale

Sell your “Stuff” here on The High Street and get some cash

You can now sell your unwanted items here on The High Street and it’s just a small flat fee to be in the classified section, no weekly or monthly charges just one fee until sold or withdrawn.

Selling your unwanted items is good for the environment as your are recycling them, letting someone else benefit from there use and saving them some money over buying new. It makes all round good sense for everyone.

Just email us the basic text you need up to 50 words, a couple of pictures of the items, where you are and your contact details, once your add is approved you will be sent a Paypal invoice, once paid your add will be live in front of thousands of local people and of course everyone else. All of this for just a small fee as detailed below:

Only £5 for items up to £50

Only £10 for items over £50

If you require contact privacy so your details are not advertised (shown on-line) you can opt for privacy via the High Street contact form, this is £5 extra per advert. You will then be contacted by us when enquiries come in.

Use the Contact Form or just email

As the list of items for sale grows the classified sections will begin to be categorized, but for a start things will all be together.

“Don’t throw your Stuff away put it on The High Street”

*Cars, Motorcycles, Property and Services are not included in this section

Click this link to see what is for sale now in “High Street Stuff”

All of your Stuff for sale on The Oakham High Street

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